Vince Smith (Managing Partner)

An investor in small businesses for 25 years and has run J Leon’s private equity business since 1992. Investments have included a number of market leading businesses including Acis, a provider of intelligent transport systems, Antenna Audio, the world leader in audio and audio-visual interpretation to the culture and leisure sectors, Ted Baker the clothing designer, Carluccio’s restaurants and Zero C, a sustainable property developer. He co-founded Iceni Capital in 2005 raising funds from several European family offices and US based endowment funds. The fund was corner-stoned by J Leon. Recent investments at Iceni include Mentor, a provider of engineers to the oil industry which was sold to Vinci Energies in December 2013, Zero C and Ito World, an internet mapping business. He holds a business degree, qualified as a chartered accountant and worked at Price Waterhouse in business advisory and corporate finance.